I’m Anna Healy, Mindset and Confidence Coach and founder of the Lighthearted Women.
I am dedicated to championing ambitious entrepreneurs helping them step into their power and build their empires.

I'm here to be your Wingwoman and lead you to success.

One To One Coaching

Personalised One To One programmes to accelerate your success journey to the life and business you desire.

Group / Team Coaching

I design bespoke programs focused on helping you and your team build stronger performance and improve your outcomes.

Business Coaching

Are you in a start-up or thinking of starting a business and feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed?

Are you looking to move your business from 1K per month to 5K or 10K a month?

Look no further, your Wingwoman is here to support you!

I can help get you focused and back on the right track to success.

Life & Career Coaching

You are the expert in your own life. You have the power within you to have that successful life or career you want and deserve.

Sometimes we forget about this amazing power we have. Sometimes it can be challenging to make the changes you want all by yourself.

As a Coach my role is to guide and support you, advocate and inspire you to find the next right path for you.

Career Coaching

Is work getting you down? Have you outgrown your role and are ready to try something different?

Are you thinking about returning to work after a career break?

Sometimes trying to decide our next move can be daunting.

Get the support you need from an experienced coach who can help you move to your next career step.

Training & Workshops

Join me onsite and online for one of my amazing mindset workshops.

Listen to what your unconscious mind is really telling you and find the answers on how to move from stressed out to superstar!

This time spent with me outside of your business will give you the opportunity to focus on the bigger picture and critical milestones that will lead you to the success you desire.

What Is Mindset Coaching?

If you are interested in achieving the best you can by setting great goals and maximising your personal performance then mindset coaching is for you.

I am here to remind you that you are your own greatest asset. I can help you to maximise your confidence, motivation and focus to achieve success.

Your mindset is the set of beliefs you have about yourself and the world that you have developed over your lifetime.

Is Coaching Right For Me?

Coaching is the right solution when you are eager to take ownership over your future and are ready to take action.

Coaching can help enormously with helping you to become the best version of you that you know you can be.

This is accomplished by:

  • Getting clear on your hopes, aspirations & dreams.
  • Setting clear actionable goals.
  • Managing your mindset.
  • Finding solutions to issues in personal or professional areas.
  • Building your confidence.
  • Maximising your motivation.
  • Nipping procrastination in the bud!
  • Achieving your dreams.

What Is A Wingwoman?

A Wingwoman is someone who puts you at the centre of your story, supporting you to achieve everything you deserve.

A Wingwoman will be with you every step of the way. A Wingwoman will cheer you on from the sidelines and have the tissues on the tough days, and always encourage you to see opportunities and possibilities for you.

Everybody needs a Wingwoman!

Let me be your Wingwoman as you take your next step to success.
Take that step and create your own possibilities.

What are you waiting for?

My Coaching

The Lighthearted Woman Online Success Group

This closed group of 20 women is a safe space to bounce ideas, promote your business and get supportive and constructive feedback.

This wonderful combination has allowed a merging of minds and an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.
This group includes:

  • Weekly online catch up for women supporting each other through varying stages of their business. Some women are exploring ideas to start a business, other are many years in business and many are at the early stages.
  • Access to the private facebook group to network with the other groups.
  • Opportunity to be interviewed on the Lighthearted Women podcast.
  • Discounts on Wingwoman Coaching programme, Lighthearted Women Retreats and other offers.

My 3 Month Wingwoman Coaching Programme

Intensive 3 month programme to build your plan and keep you on track towards your goals. When you have your wing- woman with you, there is nothing you can’t do!  

For the 3 months that I will work with you, I will bring my vast coaching toolkit with me and use what is needed to help you move from a state of stuck to success.

  • 6 Coaching sessions with Anna to help you get clear on your goals and the direction you wish to take in life, career and business.
  • Ongoing accountability contact through email with Anna to keep you on track.
  • Access to the lighthearted Women Online Success Group and Facebook group.

My 6 Month Wingwoman Aftercare Programme

This is for those who have completed my 3 month Wingwoman Coaching Programme. Now that you are on the road to success, let’s keep you there and winning!

Eyes on the prize people!! Monthly coaching appointments to help keep you on track plus access to Lighthearted women online success group plus regular email check-ins.

Let me help you stay on track with regular check-ins and reviews of your business developments.

About Me

I’m Anna and I will be your Wingwoman for the next part of your exciting journey!

I have worked for more than 20 years helping people move from stressed to success. I am passionate about empowering people to thrive in Life, Career and Business.

My business is all about you and what I can do for you to make your life better. I am a Mindset and Confidence Coach, so my obsession is to help you identify and eliminate those limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and build your confidence to thrive in your life. With this in mind, I have built a series of offerings that will suit all backgrounds and needs.

I am the founder and facilitator of the Online Success group called Lighthearted Woman. This group of women meet every week to network and support each other in life and business.

I am also a founder of a wonderful collaboration called Powerhouse Collective, our mission is to help you get an executive reboot, inside and out! Come find us on our website!

I have a podcast called “Women in Business in West Cork”. This podcast celebrates the amazing success of women entrepreneurs and talks about their journey, the challenges they experienced and the advice they give to other women who are thinking of taking the same journey.

I am developing a new podcast series called the Lighthearted Woman which celebrates the extraordinary talents of the women in the business group called the Lighthearted woman. I feel very strongly about sharing the skills, advice, knowledge and wisdom needed for women who are thinking about starting a business.

I am also a Forest Bathing Guide. I love that I can help people find new ways to improve their resilience and wellness. The practice of slowing down helps us to reflect and really embed our knowledge of ourselves in a safe space.

My articles have been published in newspapers and online and my blogs carry the same message to people -when you empower yourself with the right information, the right support and the right mindset you can conquer anything you want.

If you would like to discover how we can work together and I can be your wing woman on the road to the life I know you deserve;

Then simply click the button below to book a complimentary 30 minute discovery call…


I undertook mindset and goal planning coaching with Anna recently, and I was delighted with the outcome.

Anna has a great way of tackling thoughts, processes and breaking down elements, then working on solutions and removing obstacles all around mindset.

With the tools that I learned throughout our sessions, I have been able to bring these to other areas, long after our sessions were over, and also achieve success in these areas. Anna has a wealth of expertise, training and knowledge, and this becomes clear the moment you start your sessions.

I couldn’t recommend Anna highly enough.

Louise Bunyan

Founder, SmartFox.ie

I would highly recommend Anna to anybody that needs a Confidence Coach as she is an inspiration. I am so grateful to have this group.

Thank you Anna

Maura Martin

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Living Well With Maura

She is a true gem, her dedication to any task she undertakes is unquestionable. She is a real champion of peoples abilites and strives to encourage those around her to reach their true potential.

I would highly recommend Anna to any individual or organisation, her skills, dedication and positive attitude are her greatest attributes.

Margaret O'Donovan

Director Of Finance And Administration, Hamersley Electrical Contracting

Don’t Wait… Let Me Be Your Wingwoman On Your Journey To Success!

Join The Lighthearted Woman Podcast.

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