September has been busy for all parents with school-going children, returning to class, a new routine, and while it is great to have the children back to high structure, it brings with it more challenges such as juggling after-school activities, shorter evenings of family time and homework!!

For most moms, the burden of the house management is left with them; us ladies are great at taking on extra responsibility and guilt when it comes to our children!! Top that with trying to be on peak performance at work while surviving on less sleep, no bother to us.

So with that in mind, and after meeting lots of ladies who are feeling challenged, I have a few observations to make:

1. You’re doing fine. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Life was never meant to be perfect, it was meant to be lived. The dishes will get done and the floor will be brushed. And it will have to be done again tomorrow! So stop for a moment and acknowledge all the work you do every day! You are a legend!

2. Make plans, plan your meals, plan your day, plan your week, start planning for Christmas now if you can! The more prepared you are, the better you can handle the surprises that come along the way. Plus you will save a pile of money by planning what you need in advance and it clears your head for more important things.

3. Take time for yourself- you need to step away to get inspiration, see the wood from the trees, so to speak. The last 2 occasions that I experienced my “aha!” moment was when I was walking on the beach and far away from everybody (including my kids), I always find getting back to nature has a way of creating the inspiration that you need. Go barefoot if you dare, it is proven to be an excellent way to ground yourself.

4. Remember why you are doing it and if the reasons don’t match the reality, then review. Think about the bigger picture, ask yourself “what is the main focus in my life at this moment?”, “Is what I am doing right now aligning with my goals?” , “What 1 thing can I do that will help me keep or return to my focus?”

5. Find your village- I know I have said this before and those that know me to understand how strongly I feel about this. No man (or woman for that matter) is an island and the old saying “ it takes a village to raise a child” is so important in this society. Parents need support and children need role models. We can’t be everything to our children, it is an unrealistic expectation. Let others help you raise your child. That includes neighbors, childminders, babysitters, grandparents, and aunties. Find the people that you can trust to support you, and you can return the favour.

Stay strong ladies, you are growing our future leaders of the world, hats off to you!!