So if there was ever a time that we can relate to the movie Groundhog Day I think I can safely say that January and February 2021 would be it! The unrelenting weather, the unending restrictions and the well used routine we all have can easily put us in the wrong mood. So how can we get out of this funk??


  1. Change it up: Do one thing that will change up your routine, dress up in the morning for work or for dinner in the evening. Make your appointments or zoom calls first thing in the morning so that you have to be awake and presentable. Make a fancy breakfast for everyone mid week, my idea of fancy is pancakes, scrambled egg, extra special porridge with fruit, rather than going for the same dish each morning. Get creative if you like!
  2. Move around: Get thee outside for at least 20 minutes in the fresh air! Morning or night, the feeling of fresh air on your skin is so therapeutic. Find a spot in your garden where you can do some stretches. Change your routine walk, do it the other way around to see if you notice anything different. Once a week why not stop and smell the leaves, hop for 10 steps, run for 10, skip for 10. Have some fun with your movement.
  3. Write it big: Give yourself some time to think of the future and what you would like in your life in 12 months time. Make a vision board, do a collage of images of what your future will look like, write it all down and invite opportunities into your life to achieve this.
  4. Grateful list: One of the great ways to get yourself out of a Groundhog moment is to make a grateful list. Use a journal or notebook to write down all the things you are grateful for. These can be small things (I am grateful for the lovely clean sheets that I changed today) or big things. It is a lovely practice to share with your children and partner.
  5. One step at a time: When you are in a slump remind yourself that the feeling will pass soon. Take one day at a time, one step at a time until you are back feeling yourself.