“Make your intentions clear.  The universe does not respond well to uncertainty” Joe Duncan, Before 5am (Duncan, n.d.)

The practice of Intention can have a powerful impact on realising your goals in life with a truly transforming force.  Intention acts as the sail that guides your life ship.  So much so in fact that it is regularly used in coaching.

I want to talk about setting intentions to highlight the power of using this powerful approach in your life and to enable you to experience the benefits.

At times we can all feel like we are walking through quicksand and not achieving our goals in life in the way that we had once hoped.  We sit back and let life take its course, which is fine if you are content with how your life or business is, but if you desire change in any element of your life it is possible to be proactive with the power of intention.

Intention works through focusing the mind on something you want and with a little practice you will see results and start to stay more focused on your goals.  Intention is not a ‘one-off’ thing.  It takes practice and consistent, continuous focus on what you want to achieve.

So how do you make the power of intention work for you?

Decide what your goal is

This can be anything from keeping in touch with a friend more often to a bigger task like moving to a new country.

Be clear on why you want this

By evaluating the ‘why’ you will clarify your reasons for setting this goal and this will give power to your intention.

For example, why do you want to keep in touch with a friend more?  This could be because you feel lonely, you want to socialise more, or simply because you do not want to lose your friendship.  The ‘why’ is your motivator.


Visualise your intention in the future to enable your imagination to see and feel what it will be like when it happens.  This practice will help you map out what you need to do to achieve your intention and keep you focused on the end goal.


Intention is not merely setting the goal but really committing and turning the intention into reality. Some ways to solidify your commitment to your intention is to share your intentions with a friend, speak your intention out loud to yourself, pick a time of day to remind yourself of your intention or start a journal and write it down every day.

Intention setting is very effective and forms one of the weekly elements of the Light Hearted Woman Online Success Group and my other life coaching services.

Most of all, remember that embracing the power of intention is a positive practice which can help you to feel more in control of your life and more successful at achieving contentment and a positive mindset.



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