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Hi there, I am Anna Healy. I’m a Mindset and Confidence Coach. I’m passionate about supporting you to live the life I know you deserve.

A qualified and experienced Business and Leadership Coach, Anna has over 20 years’ experience in supporting leaders to build personal and professional capacity and improve team performance.

An Accredited Mentoring/Coaching Programme Manager (EMCC Global – IPMA Practitioner), Anna works with organisations committed to developing their teams through bespoke training programmes and facilitated workshops.

She works with leaders on building their mentoring programmes and provides training to teams on mentoring and coaching skills which promotes strong leadership skills and improves productivity in the workplace. Anna has created and developed and advised on mentoring programmes for a range of organisations.

Anna is a coach and mentor to business women and solopreneurs, helping them to bring more joy back into doing business.

Her 1-to-1 and group programmes focus on mindset, confidence and accountability which are key to achieving business success. Her online business success group, the Lighthearted Women, is a community of like-minded business women supporting each other through the real challenges of balancing life and business.

Anna has coached hundreds of people, over thousands of hours, and over the past 20 years and she knows what works!


I’m Anna and I will be your Wingwoman for the next part of your exciting journey!

I have worked for more than 20 years helping people move from stressed to success. I am passionate about empowering women to thrive in their Business.

My business is all about you and what I can do for you to make your business more easeful and bring that joy back into your life. I am a Mindset and Confidence Coach, so my obsession is to help you identify and eliminate those limiting beliefs that are keeping you small and build your confidence to thrive in your life. With this in mind, I have built a series of offerings that will suit all backgrounds and needs.

I prefer to take the gentle approach to coaching, allowing you to get the most of the session without pushing you or forcing you to make choices when you are not ready. I also believe that you can explore a few possibilities before choosing which one suits you.

Part of my process is to hold you accountable for what you commit to do in my programme. That means, in order to bring change in to your life, career or business, then you may need to make changes, sometimes this is gradual and sometimes it will require some focused work. You only take on as much as you can realistically do.

I also encourage you to be creative, playful and inventive with your dreams, goals, desires. I believe it is so important to switch off from the day to day mundane, get out of your head and get creative. Give your conscious brain a break and let your unconscious creative side loose!!

Because I have experienced the challenges of change in my life, career and business, I know first-hand the myriad of feelings and doubts that you are experiencing. I also know from working with thousands of clients, you can overcome those doubts and fears and build a better, happier and successful life for yourself.

A friend of mine always says “when life throws you lemons, then learn to make lemonade”. And that is the beauty of creativity and resilience and bringing a new mindset into how you live your life.

Sometimes we can have a fixed view of what life is supposed to be like, and that if it doesn’t match this expectation, then you will be always disappointed. What if I was able to help you build a whole new mindset of what life is really about? What if I helped you make lemonade?

What if we focused on progress and not perfection? What if I gave you permission right now to relax and smell the roses for a little while? What if? Are you comfortable with the what if?

Another reason to choose me is that I am really really passionate about what I do and I get real results for my clients.


I undertook mindset and goal planning coaching with Anna recently, and I was delighted with the outcome.

Anna has a great way of tackling thoughts, processes and breaking down elements, then working on solutions and removing obstacles all around mindset.

With the tools that I learned throughout our sessions, I have been able to bring these to other areas, long after our sessions were over, and also achieve success in these areas. Anna has a wealth of expertise, training and knowledge, and this becomes clear the moment you start your sessions.

I couldn’t recommend Anna highly enough.

Louise Bunyan


I would highly recommend Anna to anybody that needs a Confidence Coach as she is an inspiration. I am so grateful to have this group.

Thank you Anna

Maura Martin

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Living Well With Maura

She is a true gem, her dedication to any task she undertakes is unquestionable. She is a real champion of peoples abilites and strives to encourage those around her to reach their true potential.

I would highly recommend Anna to any individual or organisation, her skills, dedication and positive attitude are her greatest attributes.

Margaret O'Donovan

Director Of Finance And Administration, Hamersley Electrical Contracting

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