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More than ever companies are embracing new ways of supporting and engaging their teams.

Implementing a coaching or mentoring programme can have immeasurable benefits to your company performance.

“Every company needs some form of career development programme to produce a succession of motivated, upward-moving employees.” Clutterbuck, 2014

A mentoring programme can have positive impact on many aspects of your company.

  • Promotes succession planning.
  • Improves motivation.
  • Eases recruitment and induction.
  • Improves company culture.
  • Leadership development.
  • Improves communication.
  • Improves retention of employees.

What We Can Do For You?

Diagnosing Your Mentoring Needs

We will work with you on identifying the challenges your are experiencing and the opportunities available to you for developing the right mentoring programme to suit your organisation.

Designing & Building The Framework

We can guide you through the early stages of planning your mentoring programme. Helping you decide where to start- getting a core team together, stakeholder buy-in. We can work with you to determine the scope and outcomes of the programme, deciding on what your programme will look like and how it will work.

Training & Implementation

We can provide bespoke training and relevant materials and guides for the participants of your mentoring programme.

Programme Management

We can support your team throughout the length of the Mentoring Programme.

Evaluate and Enhance

We can work with your team to assess your current mentoring programme, measuring the impact of the programme on your organisation and make recommendations for improvement. This can improve the effectiveness and performance of the programme.
We can support you to build your Mentoring Programme from the moment of your idea to the delivery of the evaluation.

How Do I know If Mentoring Is Right For Me?

I love helping people and businesses, and would be happy to provide a free no-obligation discovery call where I can give you practical, focused and actionable advice tailored to your specific mentoring needs.

It’s a one to one call with me, where we can discuss you, your business, your challenges, and effective solutions available to you.

And find out if mentoring is the right decision for you!


Mentoring Programme Design for Your Organisation

The “Mentoring Programme Design for Your Organisation” is a 6-month programme for business leaders who want to improve productivity, grow leaders and improve succession planning in your company.

Through group workshops and 1-to-1 mentoring sessions, you will be guided through the design, implementation and evaluation of your bespoke Pilot Mentoring Programme.

Practical Skills for Mentoring

The “Practical Skills for Mentoring” is a 6 month programme (6 sessions) where Managers develop their mentoring skills, exploring the challenges of mentoring in the workplace and start implementing their knowledge in the workplace as the programme progresses.

Session 1 and session 6 will be half-day workshop on site, sessions 2-5 will be 1 hour online to facilitate participants. All sessions will be group workshops. Maximum 12 participants.


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I work with leaders and managers to unlock their potential and build strong productive teams through one to one coaching.

Being a Leader brings its own challenges – It is lonely at the top, there are competing demands placed on you in an ever-changing environment.

I can help you take space, gain a fresh perspective, step into your role with confidence and make critical decisions that your team and stakeholders will respect and value.

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