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Encouragement And Positivity

Anna set up a group called Lighthearted Women’s Group a couple of month’s ago. I must commend Anna on the encouragement and positivity she brings to the women in the group. I would highly recommend Anna to anybody that needs a Confidence Coach as she is an inspiration. I am so grateful to have this group. Thank you Anna.

Maura Martin

Helped Me Identify My Strengths

Anna has an easy way about her that helps get the best out of people. she helped me identify my strengths, spot the gaps in my CV and work out a plan to get me to they next stage of my career. I have found Anna to be excellent in helping me developing my CV, gleaning information that I had forgotten and helping me shine. Anna helped me work on my competency questions and built my confidence around interviews. I would definitely recommend Anna to anyone thinking of developing their career.


Feeling A Bit Stuck

I had a mentoring session with Anna through Network Ireland’s Mentoring for Success programme. Anna is so warm and calm and takes the time to really listen to you.

She asks very considered questions to get to the bottom of how you are feeling and then discusses practical steps you can take to overcome your issue/problem.

She is very mindset focused which I love and lifts up to look at the bigger picture and deal with things holistically.

I highly recommend a session with Anna for anyone feeling a bit stuck or needing to bounce a problem off someone who has experience, wisdom & empathy.

Open And Honest Advice

“I spent almost seven years living in London, working in quite a niche area. I moved home to Cork about a year ago and was struggling with the ups and downs of the job-hunt. I decided that I needed some support so I contacted Anna Healy for career coaching. Anna helped me to prepare for interviews and presentations. More than this though, she gave me the confidence to try new things and to find the right fit for me. Now I am happy to say that I will be continuing my career in Cork and in my area of interest. I would highly recommend Anna for anyone who is at a crossroads in their career and looking for open and honest advice. Thank you Anna for your encouragement, your patience, and your time.”


An Absolute Essential

Anna is one of those people that makes you feel immediately safe and comfortable in her company. An absolute essential for someone who works as an excellent Mindset and Confidence Coach. She is a great communicator and ‘nudgenator’! Her approach is unique, friendly and tailored to each and every individual. Having seen her transformative results within a group I would have no hesitation in recommending her and her wonderful approach!

Anna Gave Me Back My Confidence

Last September, having spent eight years at home, rearing my family, I decided that it was time for me to return to the workplace. I contacted a Recruitment Agency who felt that I would benefit from speaking to a coach, and recommended a ‘lovely lady’ in West Cork, called Anna Healy.

On their recommendation, I contacted Anna, and am so glad that I did. I had a very successful career in Finance, but felt that I had left this behind me, and now I was starting out again, and looking for a little job. I didn’t believe that I was worthy of anything more. Anna gave me back my confidence, got me to dig deep and see that I was still that professional, and had just taken a break from my career. She opened my eyes and mind, to my own potential.

She helped with my CV, job applications and prepared me for interviews, while also working with me to see the type of job that would suit me. I did my first interview, in probably thirty years, and was successful. This was all down to the incredible work of Anna.


Better Than What I Could Have Imagined

Anna provided a welcoming, open space, with gentle encouragement as well as finely tuned insightful questions that allowed me to really hone in on what I was looking for.

I left with a plan, different to what I thought I might have, but better than what I could have imagined, grounded in my own wisdom, shepherded by Anna.

Highly recommend working with Anna.

Anna Is Truly An Inspiring, Professional, Caring Person.

Well what can I say about this lady, professional and now friend. From the first day I met her to now, she has helped me gain confidence in myself as a person but also as a business owner, she helped me believe I was well capable of bringing Maura Mackey Design to where it is today.

When Covid started she off her own back contacted me weekly – because she cared about me & my business – I wasn’t just another number I was a person who started a new business and she knew I might need an extra bit of support during this strange time ( accountability calls) & made sure I was working away on my business stuff & encouraged me to attend zoom calls/ join groups & if I ever needed a ‘go to person’ to practice  presentations on she was at the end of the phone.

She also was the person who encouraged me to write interior articles for the West Cork People – so to say I trust this coach is an understatement. If you are struggling in business right now & you need someone to guide you on the right path, to point you in the right direction, to give you that extra push – then Anna Healy Mindset & Confidence Coach is your answer. You will not regret it.  She is truly an inspiring, professional, caring person. 

Maura Mackey

Guided Me Through A Structured Approach

I had the privilege of having a mentoring session with Anna Healy recently. Anna’s expertise and guidance helped me overcome a small problem that had been holding me back.

Throughout our session, Anna displayed not only a deep understanding of the business landscape but also a genuine passion for helping others succeed.

Anna’s ability to listen actively and ask thought-provoking questions allowed us to delve into the heart of the issue. She guided me through a structured approach and helped me come up with solutions that I hadn’t considered before.

I highly recommend Anna as a business mentor to anyone seeking expert guidance and support.

She Wanted Me To Succeed

When I met Anna I was at the beginning of my new business journey. She really guided me in the right direction of where I needed to go for my business, sometimes it was totally out of my comfort zone but I needed that gentle push.

I am a few years on in my business now & I can honestly say Anna has been such a big part of my journey. Always there to give me a guided word, I am not just another number she knows me, she wanted me to succeed, she helped me believe in myself.

I joined the Light Hearted Women’s group & it’s a great place to gain confidence in your business. So thank you Anna for all your help & guidance you are truly an amazing mentor & coach.

Anna has Wealth Of Expertise

I undertook mindset and goal planning coaching with Anna recently, and I was delighted with the outcome. Anna has a great way of tackling thoughts, processes and breaking down elements, then working on solutions and removing obstacles all around mindset.

With the tools that I learned throughout our sessions, I have been able to bring these to other areas, long after our sessions were over, and also achieve success in these areas. Anna has a wealth of expertise, training and knowledge, and this becomes clear the moment you start your sessions. I couldn’t recommend Anna highly enough.

Louise Bunyan

Anna Is The Essence Of Soft Power

I left a comment on Anna Healy’s LinkedIn post about a virtual coffee morning. And Anna invited me to join. That’s just the kind of warm person she is. Thanks to her, I found a tribe of wonderful women during lockdown, the Lighthearted Women, and I will be eternally grateful. To me, Anna is the essence of soft power, the sort of power that cuts through the noise, the sort of power that can move mountains with a breath. I wish her well in all her business endeavours.

Derbhile Graham
Celebrant & Writer

Thank You Again For This Amazing, Powerful Work You Are Doing

Dear Anna, I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful job you did putting together the podcast. I am so pleased with how I came across, you portrayed me in a beautiful light and really got across what the work is that I do. Listening back to it I feel really proud! I have had such much wonderful feedback from people who have listened to it and many loved your voice and what you have to say too and will listen to more episodes in the future. Thank you again for this amazing, powerful work you are doing, the world is a better place for it and for you xx

Laura Whalen

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